Bulletproof IoT Device Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and protect IoT Devices.



…ironclad security without usernames or passwords.


…absolute identity without static tokens or serial numbers.


…real-time threat intelligence.


…threat-level response and remediation.


BPID secures and identifies even minimal Micro Computer Unit (MCU) IoT devices without passwords or static serial numbers. It detects threats on the first attempt, before any breach, and provides threat level appropriate responses including SMS/TXT to administration that a threat attempt is in progress.



Bulletproof Identity and Security conforms to the recent California Law, SB-327 Information privacy: connected devices.

BPID employs a random component to AI analyze real-time threats which will secure IoT devices.

Rogue hackers can’t gain purchase to a BPID secured device because there are no User Names or Passwords. Every login is different, never reused. Stored static credentials are completely eliminated. BPID for IoT is truly “Password free.”

Trespassers can’t anticipate the random component to spoof or reuse previous authentication components of the security algorithm. That’s because all stored static credentials such as login or device ID are absent from the device, replaced with revolving random components. These components are AI analyzed and then discarded, thus eliminating duplication of any credentialed identity, instruction or access.

It’s AI &

Moving security from the perimeter to the individual command strengthens security. With BPID for IoT exceptional granular control, users are granted individual command privileges through an entire spectrum of access, from time of day, to read only. User access can be controlled with almost limitless administrative oversight. That level of granular user control is possible only because BPID for IoT completely eliminates the Username and Password of traditional security.

Security is all about being random, AI analyzed, with response immediate and threat level appropriate. All this is done before any breach, replete with an abundant detailed audit data.


Each device instruction must be authentic or it will trigger instant remediation: 1.) the device sends the server the unauthentic command or instruction message, 2.) both the random component and instruction content is AI analyzed for threat level, 3.) it is quarantined, 4.) all detail is logged, 5.) a response is initiated based on the results of step 2, 6.) the complete message is logged and stored for compilation into meaningful activity reports, and, 7.)  it is compared and analyzed with other devices’ threat history for improved security response algorithms on all protected devices.

Security protocols are broad, stratified and threat-level appropriate, implemented immediately, on the first attempt.

BPID for IoT has no unique hardware requirements or costs because the BPID for IoT API is free to manufacturers.

The secret of our success?

The instruction security cocoon


BPID for IoT wraps each instruction in a random component security cocoon. This cocoon is AI analyzed and discarded after use. It’s completely unpredictable and never used twice.

BPID for IoT can even tell the difference between:

  • 1.) a suspicious instruction;
  • 2.) a threat;
  • 3.) an attack and the nature of the attack: MitM, DDOS, Falsified User, Falsified Device ID, or even an Authorized User probing a device outside of their permissions.

Based on the analysis BPID for IoT will launch appropriate countermeasures immediately, on the very first attempt, including sending the owner a TXT message, while simultaneously updating protection on all devices, including updating firmware.

Gateway AI tracks IoT Device’s revolving identity eliminating static identity tokens.





BPID for IoT is able to discriminate each device identity from ‘one-off’ to millions of identical devices. Each individual device identity changes constantly inoculating it from rogue hackers, MitM and DDOS attacks.

What makes BPID the best choice?


Here are some solid reasons why BPID for IoT is the best option for securing your MCUs and IoTs.


Why Use Random Numbers?

Eliminating stored credentials reduces vulnerability.

Static credentials are replaced with one time use random numbers so nothing is available for cybercriminals to steal or spoof.


Why change device ID?

Constant altering IoT ID assures validity and prevents device cloning or spoofing. Software makes deployment cost nominal.


BPID Meets GDPR Guidelines

User privacy is assured because no credentials are stored. Meeting GDPR requirements, BPID for IoT also conforms to the US Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017



Instant Attack Response

Robust security options provide immediate intervention of suspicious activity detected on the very first incident. Remediation is instantaneous, automatic from broad spectrum of actions based on the actual threat level. Prevents MitM and DDOS attacks and sends alerts to Admin.


Automatic Revision Check & Update

Devices are automatically checked and updated when they are accessed. This assures every device is current and optimally configured.





Low Cost API Solution

Software solution makes implemented easy on almost all MCUs, sensors, flash devices, freestanding or embedded.  

Software only solution allows great flexible with robust security for no additional cost.

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The BPID for IoT architecture represents a revolutionary shift in IoT device security.


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BPID for IoT meets or exceeds all requirements of the

California IoT and Connected Devices Security Act

CA SB-327 Information Privacy: connected devices.

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